Hey Girl Hey 

So you kind of wanna know who I am right... I feel you, that makes sense.


Welllll  I'm a mommy to thee most funniest kind hearted little boy ever. Trey skills as I call him. That's first and foremost. I'm also a big sis to three other siblings that Im obsessed with. Okay those are the basics.


Now My story well I fell in love with Fashion young, Fashions shows were my first love. I had already determined in 6th grade I was not going to be firefighter, a lawyer or any of the generics. I was going to be fashion designer. I really learned how to sew, created little dolls in that paint program everyone had on their computer. I was about that life!  I held on to that for a while then reality, depression, and anxiety kind of washed away all my pure passion and hope. Sad story womp womp. *It's okay it gets better* In high school I was involved with WTGR and I fell in super like with TV production.  I went to college  for a Communications Broadcasting degree that I never got because I "took a break" and never came back.  


I've been working in retail and corporate america ever since. No problems there. I'm really good at retaining information and mastering how to produce at an impeccable level.  So I do well.

Thing is I like to be the master of my own time and to be frank it's just a job, a paycheck, a way to pay the bills. My passion lies in the style industry and also in producing. I don't know if I want to go full on producing the news but I do want to produce content. So what better way to mix the two loves than to produce content relating to my true passion! 

So here we are with Christena Melea The Blog! I promise to bring you all content that is useful and interesting, and related to Style, Beauty, and sometimes I'll sneak in some tasty treats because I'm also obsessed with  easy recipes for me and Trey Skills. Single mom life ya know.