3 looks 1 event 0 time wasted 

Get an outfit guaranteed to have you slaying, that you didn't have to waste a perfectly good weekend to find  

Because you like buying new pieces but you don't have time to shop or the time to curate a whole look.


You're busy because of kids, or school or work, or a myriad of other things, and you don't have the time to walk the mall all day for an outfit like you did when you were in high school. 

You need to be snatched. You need to slay and you want it to be an effortless slay.  

2016-08-19 (2).png

I will provide you with the exact links to where the pieces are so there is no wandering around the store looking for that shirt you found in the dressing room.

You will  be able to literally go to your secret page on my site, with your outfit recommendations, order using the links from that page and wait for them to show up at your door in time for you to Strut and Slay as Shayla says. 

You don't need another night where you wore that go-to dress in your closet because you waited too late to go looking for a look.

 Don't you hate looking at the pictures you got tagged in on FB or IG with you in that skirt that was "good enough" but now looks ridiculous.

Doesn't it suck buying different pieces at different times just to realize nothing looks good together so now you have to drive back to the mall, and return half of what you bought and you STILL have nothing to wear?