Christena Williams

In love with a Virgo

Christena Williams
In love with a Virgo

Now I'm going to go ahead and put this out in the world so I don't get slandered by the realist out here. I do not trust my fate and life to the stars. At this point I believe that astrology has been largely debunked but I do kind of consider it bit of a guilty pleasure.

So lets begin

We're known as the analyzers, basically the overthinkers which is our superpower and our flaw.  Detail-oriented is another word I hear a lot for us. Oh and lots of selflessness it seems, honestly willing to throw ourselves on to the fire for the ones we care about and often others we don't know. Strong sense of empathy.  The mind is always on GO. It's quite overwhelming actually and we have to work to  achieve some sort of balance. I know for myself, and idle mind is trouble. I don't like to use the word busy because it's a bit overused and can be misunderstood. Crazy how in 2018 we have actually driven basic words into the ground. That does however force us to be more inventive and particular with our word choice.

Anywho so as of lately actually probably ever since February of 2018 I have had waaaaayyyy too much idle time and it may or may not have caused some failed situations in my life if I think about it hard enough (which I have). I typically have very black or white thinking. It either is or it isn't to me. It's not natural for me to think of grey areas. I do a lot of going back and forth between the black and white. The contradicting variables. It causes me a bit of stress. I do have a tendency to see the negatives before the positives but I have actually been very very intentional about changing that this year.

Career , Goals , Success, and Responsibility are very important to me. They are at my core. IfI feel I am successful and, I have a very very hig standard of success, it will allow me to be at ease with myself. Typically this is going to be career based and I have been out of sync with any kind of resemblance of a career for maybe 5 years now. I can see how it weighs on my own self-esteem.  I feel extremely responsible for being a good example to my siblings and I've beaten myself a bit about not being the perfect older sister.

I'm a journaling kind of chick by need honestly. One thing I've learned this year is that I am utterly ruthless towards myself. I was rereading my journals from this summer and I couldn't even finish them because they were so cruel. It was at this point I realize I was floating. I was paralyzed. Stuck. Lost. I needed some damn direction. So I started making myself a schedule and booking stuff for myself. I needed to create some goals. You can see that manifested on this blog.

Next I'm going to re-open my morning routines and my exercise regimen I used to have. If I can master those things again. I will really be on a roll. So any other Virgo folks out there?

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