“She is delightfully chaotic; A beautiful mess. Loving her is splendid adventure. ”

Steve Maraboli


Cullotes SOLD OUT ALTERNATIVE / Blazer OLD { cute alternative }/ Black Tank OLD / Sunnies SOLD OUT {other option} / Heels SOLD OUT {really similar shoes}

Hello Loves
Culottes "Hangs like a skirt, but is actually pants"
I love these culottes so very much, they are so darn comfy. Death to the super soft fabric though, wrinkly. I wore them a bit dressed up with my absolute favorite blazer; I love to layer my Spring/Summer outfits with this blazer, adds chic to almost any look. I will show you all how I wore them in a more casual manner later this week, so look out for that.
Even though I kept the pallet really simple with the black and white. I brought back my Fringe Heels for that pop of color. You guys already know how much I love these shoes, so stinking fun!.
Happy Hump Day!