“ You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free”

Thich Nhat Hanh



Well Hello there loves,
This past weekend was eventful was it not? It definitely was for me. Family came in from out of town, Birthday parties, Soccer games, and Mother's day. It was a blast! I love having things to do and this weekend did not disappoint.
Anywho Deja Vu? Yep I styled these very same culottes from last post in a more dressed down, casual Saturday type of look. I loved these even more dressed down. I wore this exact look sans the heels instead I wore my black Coach flip flops and I was comfy all day!
It's Deja Vu with the clutch too, I know. I am a sucker for an clutch when the sun burns a little brighter. Instead of wearing it on my shoulder or "clutching" it, I chose to tie a knot in the chain and wear it on my hips, like a fanny pack. Best decision I ever made.
So I just wanted to show you guys how to wear this Spring 2015 Trend two ways Dressed up and dressed down. I pray that you all had a blessed holiday weekend and that you have a prosperous week. Have a lovely Monday