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Hey Stylish Folks,

We worry about the wrong things all the time. I’m openly admitting my PSD (Plus size denial) today.

Yep I was in real denial of how “thick” I am. I always knew my hip to waist ratio was a physical aesthetic I’ve always embraced, No biggie.  I didn’t pick up more than 10 lbs after my pregnancy No biggie but somehow sitting in a cubicle and never incorporating physical activity into my weekly routine added more and more to the waist to hip ratio average until I entered the dreaded plus sizes.

I resisted as long as I could. I just stopped shopping it had become wildly depressing to me .I couldn’t fit a large anymore?!? Life is surely over after this.   I mean what else was I gonna wear? I mean what other size was there?  Could I still buy clothes? Should I even still buy clothes? If I can’t fit in reg. sizes I must be huge and completely unflattering in clothes, surely. Obviously I was being ridiculously dramatic but it really did feel that way to me.

I went against the grain for so long until finally going against the grain got exhausting and I had to finally buy an XL *GASP* I know right yall are like really Christena all that because you had to buy an XL. Yep, real life anxiety was experienced.  This is around the time I actually took my measurements because shopping online had gotten really complicated. I mean I was really confused about how I was going to show my personal style without looking dated if I couldn’t buy from the stores I had alegit personal relationship with. I mean F21 & I were besties.  When I finally started buying clothes in my size I found that buying up a size was not the end of the world and I was still happy about the looks I put together. It was all in my domesticated line of thinking about the size of women in general.

Things I had to learn when I moved up to plus size.

1. I can’t buy my tops plus size. Plus size shirts are ill fitted on my body. **Although I love my sweaters to be loose so I typically buy my sweaters in plus size. **

2. Plus size jeans  and pants generally don’t fit my measurements either I have so much better luck buying jeans  at American Eagle Outfitters. I have not found a pair of plus size jeans that aren’t ill fitted in the crotch area on my body.

3. Plus size skirts, rompers, jumpsuits and dresses are really where I flourish. I’m so wide in the hips that I split seams in a large.

4. Leather, suede and other fabric that has no give or little give are also where I win. I typically buy these items in a 1X

5. I started shopping smarter. I stopped buying outfits and started buying pieces that I could style many ways

In the end it all comes full circle and the cliché about confidence reigns supreme. If you look and feel confident you’re already winning.