Christena Williams

Leather Mini Skirt + Floral Button Down

Christena Williams
Leather Mini Skirt + Floral Button Down
Plus Size Mini Skirt


 Floral Button-down { OLD } / Leather Mini Skirt { SOLD OUT - F21 } / Booties { ALDO } / Sunnies { ALDO

The boots that stole my heart.

I can’t remember exactly where I spotted them first or when I spotted them first. I’m thinking it was around December.  Although if I think about it. It wasn’t this shoe specifically it was the shape of the bootie. That fitted ankle and the thick block heel.  It was so epic to me. I first became obsessed with the latex looking boots from the Dior, you know the ones with the Lucite heels. I have absolutely had a thing for Lucite anything since high school but that’s a whole other story. After seeing the boots in the Dior show I pinned every single version I saw of them and waited patiently waited for someone to make a pair I could afford aka knock them off.

When they finally starting knocking them off, they flew off the shelves! I started to realize I needed to broaden my range for a shoe that gave the same look but maybe not so “high fashion” I fell deep DEEP in love with this pair from Aldo.  Let me tell you why these shoes, because there are other similar shoes that look similar.

The reason I chose these shoes over all the others look a likes

1.       TEXTURE - The shoes was patent leather giving off that latex look and a far cry from your basic leather/pleather bootie

2.       COLOR - The shoe had a contrast heel. I wasn’t looking to get a solid black bootie

3.       SHAPE - That fitted area around the ankle, and the shape of the toes where it’s almost a point but not quite. It’s a perfect pointed curve

Boots in the Spring?

I hear people aka the weather appropriate police talk about wearing boots in the Spring or the Summer as taboo. However I am not phased. No my feet are not hot. I suppose they might be uncomfy if I didn’t wear socks but alas I did.  What’s a major key for wearing boots “Out of season” wearthem with an item that is “In season”  i.e. sundress. 

What’s a major key for wearing boots “Out of season” ? Wear them with an item that is “In season”!
— @ChristenaMelea

The Beautiful Resolve

So initially I thought I waited too long to buy my beloved boots because obviously it was no longer cold. All it takes is the art of balance to make your look come together seamlessly.