Shirt Dress + OTK Boots in the Spring

Shirt Dress + OTK Boots in the Spring




Hello Loves!


My official over-used phrase is LIT. It is Lit though and it’s about to be Spring so it’s about to be Super LIT and I’m so ready to get into these Spring looks.

Remember when I told yall I was going to wear these boots until it was just ridiculous. I meant it, but I do totally believe that boots can transcend seasons. I’m not a part of the weather appropriate police force.  Great style is about balance all day every day.

When you shop better, you style better
— @ChristenaMelea


3 reasons this look Just Works

1.      Balancing Act – More than likely not I’m going to wear my boots with a pair of jeans in the months coming up. Best way to get away with boots in the Spring is by having the rest of your outfit be pretty synonymous with the season. In this look I’m  wearing a loose shorter shirt dress in black and white, mostly white. This translates to a light and airy kind of look which feels like Spring. The best way to help you understand the significance of all this is to kind think of this shirt dress being an oxblood or an emerald color. That would immediately take this look back to Fall. So keep the rest of your outfit light in both color and feel.


2.      Layered – This light denim jacket added depth to this look immediately. I love a good denim piece and especially a denim jacket, because it’s both cute and functional just in case, my sunny Spring afternoon turns into a Fall evening. Also this denim jacket is in a light wash keeping up with the lighter feel we’re going for. If you want to re-imagine this look for Fall/ Winter think a bomber or leather moto jacket.  


3.      Detailing - Get into this Mint pompom on my purse and these mirrored sunnies. Both of these items are on trend but the fact that the pom is mint and the sunnies are circular kind of my personal thing. I really have a thing for pastels and circle sunnies are my fave. This pom could have easily been in emerald, oxblood, black or even white to take it back to Fall/Winter.