Christena Williams

What Styles I like and Why I like them.

Christena Williams
What Styles I like and Why I like them.

The Landmarks 

Considering we just lost Prince yesterday obviously my younger days are lingering through my mind and reminding me of all the things that kind of molded you I guess for lack of a more exciting  word.  The best thing about Prince to me at least was his quirkiness and how relentless he was with embracing said quirkiness. He made it look so easy to kind of reach out and touch that side of yourself. 

My Style History is pretty much rooted in pure girliness with a bit of quirky. Think Lisa Frank x Clueless' Cher.  That's when I feel the best, when I'm in an outfit that's purely me and the style is wholly personal. 

I was recently inspired by Social Print Studio  to do a post on some of my absolute favorite pieces/ looks. Their custom photo books are a great way to bring off  your looks to life in physical form. My favorite looks are my favorites because of one of 4 things. 1. Make-up 2. Accessories 3. Shoes or 4. Something super feminine, yet impeccably on-trend. 

Shall we proceed?


I'm currently falling back into lip gloss which is cray-cray right because currently the move is liquid matte lipstick *which I love* but after buying Kylie's gloss in "Literally" .. So yeah gloss is my new makeup jam. My first favorite look is my post from the Holiday Season because my highlight was giving me all of the life, and the cape flattered all of curves. I felt like pure sophistication. 

Cape Jumpsuit


At the risk of sounding redundant I've gotta tell you all how much I love  the stinking 90'S & thanks to the trend goddesses 90's chokers are coming back  in style this yeaar! I loved chokers in high school and still love them to this day.  Before this trend officially  made chokers cool again I was basically wearing my gold collar with everything I could.  

DIY - Wash the shoestrings out of some old boots and you’ve got your 90’s chocker

My second favorite look is this casual look from Fallish times.  The hat, the frames, the purse, and the collar of course had me feeling all cool girlish like I was an off duty model who didn't ever try to be cool but always ended up starting some random trend. 



Fringe never seems to leave us just reincarnate into different forms, kind of like Prince *Yep I said it*  Now rhinestones are typically reserved for the 90's middle schooler but hey I couldn't help myself and here we have these shoes which really would even just be nice to look at. I  love them because. You guessed it, it's basically another draw from my 90's obsessions.  My 3rd favorite look is def that one time I wore rainbow studded pummps! *Remember that part about Lisa Frank earlier, should start to make sense now*  I wasn't going to buy them but they belonged to me, and I kept thinking these are going to be the cheapest awful shoes ever and they absolutely were not and I couldn't be any happier that I didn't back out because they were rainbow shoes lol. 



Florals, ruffles, sheer, lace and mini pleats are all major crutches of mine. MAJOR crutches. They are my favorite things to wear and it's a major plus if I can stay on trend and not look dated. Think Carolina Herrera. I found this absolutely amazing top on Zara's site.  Expect to see it an outfit post next week.   Last favorite look involves my Sequin Tracy Reese top wit my midi skirt and my pom pom hat. I got this top at a clearance store and I was floored it was even there. The top is gorgeous and actually I think I will wear it to work tomorrow. Casual Friday + Sequins.