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You are terrifying and strange and beautiful
— Warsan Shire
Summer time Fine
Lemons and Denim

Dress c/o eShakti / Neutral Heels (sold out) Cute Alternative HERE & HERE /  Circle Frames

Stop interrupting my grinding
— Beyonce

The Recipe

BEYONCE'S #Lemonade dropped this weekend and I thought it all too perfect a time to pull out my Lemon Print dress c/o eShakti. I am 150% a Beyonce fan, and we share the same birthday which further increases my fandom, but even if none of that was true though. Beyonce Lemonade cinema hit all kinds of nerves for the kid and I am still digesting it.  

Beyonce is the all time King of marketing & reaching out and touching our emotions and for me she reminds us that everybody gets handed lemons every now and then. Even Beyonce after all she is also a human being.

She is a chameleon when it comes to Fashion. She's always in tune with her true self. I love that she is always transforming and growing in her style & her craft. I guess that's what we're all aspiring to do. I want to leave this suffocating 9-5 and jump head first into a world of styling and helping women find their happy place with their wardrobe.  Right now I can only feed my craving on off days. Beyonce is forever encouraging me to push myself past the  confines of the boxes I've allowed myself to be shelved away in.  I will never give in and settle for the purpose doing what we're supposed to. It doesn't have to be that way.  

Passion, Purpose, and Consistency that is the recipe

The Dress

 eShakti reached out to me to see if I was interested in getting a sample from their site. I had never of the brand previously to them reaching out so I was excited about being introduced to something new. So let me break down the way their brand works. 

Steps for Buying from eSHAKTI

1. You choose your dress

2. You choose your neckline (Scoop, Square, V neck)

3. You choose your sleeves (Sleeveless, Cap sleeve, short sleeve, and 3/4 quarter sleeve)

4. You choose your length (Mini, Midi, Maxi)

*BONUS* You can add pockets! I obviously did

*BUY a dress size up* 

Fit & Flare dresses are always a solid shape for me, I picked up a mini because I didn't want the dress to lean too far into looking like a church dress or a "vintage dress" but  loved the idea of having a lemon printed dress mini.

The Lemonade 

How perfect is that? Lemons for Lemonade, and Lemonade for the hottest days. The days where the heat seems unbearable. It's nice to know you can pull out your lemon printed dress and remind you to just add sugar. 

If you have not already heard the poet that Beyonce was quoting. Check out Warsan Shire Here

Ima keep running cuz a winner don’t quit on themselves
— Beyonce