Christena Williams


Christena Williams

Denim Jacket / White Tank / Lace Skirt / Neutral Block Heels

The Work Up

This outfit was sentimental to me and if I'm being transparent I was supposed to be wearing this skirt on Easter Sunday. Let' say the skirt didn't make it. That's okay though we won't dwell.

I made it though, not to Easter Sunday but through a very intense self-care process I was kind of forced into completing. Technically I wasn't forced but it was one of those things you needed to do but didn't necessarily want to do. I have come to know some sides of myself I wasn't ready to know. I was forced to meet some truths or be in a state of denial. I had to make some hard rights! It was all worth it in the end, as the corny saying goes. It was of epic sorts. 

eMOTICONS are Cool

I'm telling you this because I want you to know what was going through my mind this morning. I was in my feelings as the kids say. I was at peace when I was getting dressed and I wanted my outside to reflect this kind of calm, beautiful feeling I had.  I know you've heard the phrase dress how you feel, and to be honest if I did that all the time I would be in black way more frequently, but I prefer to say Dress how you WANT to feel. 

 I know you've heard the phrase dress how you feel,  but I prefer to say "Dress how you WANT to feel"

Respect the Basics

The trick about dressing to match your feelings (or projected feelings) is not getting too crazy with the feelings. I tend to pick an item and build around it. I choose this skirt. It was pink obviously and that's a happy color for me. It's lace that's a symbol of class in my mind at least which is a testament to the future for me, because that's the type of woman I want to be, most days. The skirt had movement which is how I want to move through life. I want to ebb & flow, I don't want to be so rigid that I can't bend with the wind. 

It was easy enough build around the skirt for a casual look. White tank & denim Jacket, nothing ridiculously groundbreaking. You have to respect the basics. They will take you far.