Christena Williams

Wear a dress as a shirt #MicroTrends

Christena Williams
Wear a dress as a shirt #MicroTrends

Denim Dress (F21 - SOLD OUT, BUT check this one) ,  Jeans (American Eagle -Great Fit), Heels (Guess),  Ombre Clutch (OLD NAVY), Kinky Straight Wig (BeShe)

Monday Blues right, nahhhh, not foreal. Mondays are cool. Mondays set the tone for the week.

Mondays set the tone for the week

The Monday Blues were my outfit inspo though so shout out to them guys. Also while we're doing shout outs. Shout out to Kyrie Irving for sinking that 3 and Bron for landing those free throws to sew up the championship for the Cavs! Bae is from Cleveland so it got real last night needless to say.  

Ok onto the style portion of the show. The dress as a shirt look has been in and out of trends before, and honestly I tend to pass on the trend because it's generally a expert level trend to try and execute in your daily life.  However I've grown way more confident over the years and decided to give it a go and 've got some tips if you want to try it too.  

Ok I wanna wear a shirt as a dress? Now How?

1. Pick your bottom. I would say wearing skinny jeans would be the easiest way to try this trend. Easier to style basically like wearing a tunic and  tights right. That's the easiest way to do this. If you choose something a little different like maybe flares? then the next point matters a whole lot. 

2. Choose your dress. So the shorter the dress the more range I think you can have with bottom. So say you pick a cute printed mini, then you can easily pair that with some flares. If you choose a longer dress I would say opt for a dress with slits in the front or the side and  bottoms that have a fitted ankle. 

3. Make a statement. However you decided to wear it, be it a printed mini dress over tailored pants, lace maxi over flares, or Tunic over Matching boot cut pants. Do a  monochromatic look. Wear funky shoes, or wear a gorgeous dress with simple jeans. Make it a statement.  You're already doing the most. Just go for it! 

***TIP*** If you aren't the stand out chick, try a white summer dresses, some skinny jeans and some uber cute sandals