What to Wear this Summer

What to Wear this Summer

Can we still use that phrase or has it been run into the ground already? Who cares. It applies. I haven't done a lot of shopping this Summer so to fill my shopping void I've been creating outfits that I would buy and imagining where I would wear them lol. I know you guys get out in the world way more than I do and I wanted to send out some  style inspiration. 

Straw Hat, Lace up Heels and an Off the Shoulder Romper?? Come on where wouldn't I wear this? It gives me a brunch feel though Brunch on the pier, aye?

This Pink top is actually a dress. This makes me happy mainly because it's pink and we found multiple uses for a dress we had in the closet. Also the choker.... Come on A floral choker?! I'm feeling like this could go up on a Tuesday. 

You have to already know these boots will be ordered. They are $50 bucks! See also this $60 pair sans the MESH


1. You can make your own Fendi Owl purse if you really feel like it, Hobby Lobby is your best friend. Here is some YouTube Inspiration 

2. GET INTO THIS SHIRT. One of my favorite things to spend too much money on besides shoes of course are Witty graphic tops and this one fits the bill.

Bodysuits, Glitter, Yeezy boots come on this whole look is LA

& that would make this look so MIAMI

I would totally wear this to work. Sans the gold cuffs, and then after work to dinner with bae, add gold cuffs back. 

This would be my Church outfit, On trend but still wholesome. 


Obviously you're wearing this to the pool because trying to walk on sand in these heels would require too much eye hand coordination.

I saw this print on Tumblr but I'm not sure where the original comes from. If it's yours, please email me.