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I have sincerely been thinking that I get reallly concerned about people, and their opinions, and their trains of thoughts. Just basic peopling. I've been thinking I didn't want to get into personal styling because I didn't want to have to tell people that their current style was wack, because style is so personal.  I'm not interested in breaking people's spirits. Then I realized it really isn't about that at all. It's about helping you show your personal style in a way that is flattering and also makes you feel good. It isn't about anything else. 

Also I'm tired of being so consumed with feelings and other people really.I just want to get results, so if you wanna look your best at your first conference, or you wanna style on em' at FuxtureXDrake concert. I'm gonna make sure you do that. #StyledbyStena

Multifaceted Items

I've said this before and I have no problem repeating it just like I have no problem repeating clothes.  Getting creative with the pieces in your closet is essential especially if you're budget conscious  at the very least it makes getting dressed a wee bit more fun. This outfit I'm wearing is a crop top that I wore on top of a racer back dress. 

RECEIPTS :  Overall + Off the Shoulder Top

Trainers & Dresses

Just to catch us up real quick. Trainers are sneakers & wearing sneakers with dresses isn't new really. The trend picked up some speed this Spring. Designers are creating cute ass sneakers to go with. I personally drooled over the colorful Valentino pair. My absolute favorite way to rock the trainers and dresses trend though with crispy white shoes. White is secretly my favorite color. It's a secret because no one really considers it a color. I love it though. LOVE IT. Add crispy white trainers to almost any outfit and your instantly cool & cute. Debate your mother if you don't agree. Here is some quick outfit ideas. 


I used to wear this super serious under armour to slim me down underneath my fitted clothings, it started under my bra and stopped mid thigh and it did it's job but it was seriously like wearing under armour. It was tight and the legs used to roll a lot. UGH. So I stopped wearing it so often as I'm sure you're not supposed to do to begin with, and I bought another lighter shaper but it always rolled and it drove me crazy. I could always see it under my dresses. DOUBLE UGH. After many more fails I finally found my little holy grail.  These Jockey Shorts, They dont roll and they don't show through your dresses. Dont say I never gave yall the juice.