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Plus Size Overalls
Plus Size Overalls
Plus Size Overalls Milani Sweeheart

So I jumped into this a wee bit on IG but I wanted to go a tad bit deeper. I can not 150% say I love my body. I don’t, but I don’t hate it. I don’t loathe it. I embrace it. I know my rolls are there and my hips spread out wider than they used to and my Grandma keeps telling me it’s the weight I gained when I had Trey. False: I had Trey I was 160 after I had Trey I was 150 in 3 months. I gained a crap ton of weight from sittin   in a cube for 5 years and eating the same if not worse than I always ate. I did not utilize physical activity on a regular basis.

It was not Trey, but yet and still I am plus size. I hated being plus size for a while and then I got over it because really what else is there to do? I don’t say that to shame anyone who is going through self-loathing or really at odds with themselves mentally about the state of their body physically. It might take you a while to get to a point where you’re ok. I just don’t want you to hate it. 

It’s not perfect I’m not telling you that your body is a wonderland because that’s not how it was for me, but it’s not a wasteland.


I'm trying something new. I did an audio recording because I know it's easier to listen than it is to read sometimes. Please please let me know what you think