Cold Shoulder Dress + Two Tone Heels

Cold Shoulder Dress + Two Tone Heels
Cold Shoulder Dress PlusSize

Honestly this dress is just sexy. It’s classic sexy, black dress + red lip, really just never fails ever, it’s kind of hard to mess this combo up. It's the combo you can't mess up. 

The real MVP here is these two toned heels. I found them in Zara during a sale and darn near put them back because I was over budget, but the cashier told me that there was a deeper discount than the tag showed. Girl they were $9. Nine bucks. I politely asked him throw it in the bag. *Cue Fab*

The great thing about these two tone heels is that they’re a dual neutral and they satisfy that contrast checkbox I like. So basically since they are a contrast on their own, they will always act as a pop to my look while still remaining the neutral.  

That’s what we call a hole in one folks.