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End of summer aye?

Honestly I hate to be typical and hate the season you once yearned for, but Summer can go, I would like you to just exit stage left. The kid needs the humidity to leave. I need that perfect 69 to show up on my dash board.

Anyway since it is still uber hot, it’s totally okay to walk around in a bodysuit (which is kind of epic) and ripped up shorts.

Well, it’s okay to me at least.

I am 150% obsessed with this bodysuit I wear it around the house and yes it does feel like you’re walking around in a swimsuit but you still get to be partially clothed without putting on pants. In short I kind of love a bodysuit. This one was fun & funky I saw it in the store, tried it on realized my boobs aren’t so much plus size as my hips are , thought about leaving it, knew I would regret it, bought it anyway.

I’ve worn it to the:

The club (with ripped jeans)

The coffee shop (with distressed shorts)

Mall (with a black/white skirt)

In my kitchen (with my slides lol)

& I would say I’ll add more places to the list but I don’t generally go anywhere else lol.

Anywho… I have kind of thing for them now, and I’ve bought another one that I can’t wait to get into. The one I'm wearing has sold out unfortunately but I'll round up alternatives for you guys.

So in conclusion. I concur on the bodysuit verdict of awesome

and if you are wondering this lip I'm sporting is from Ordained Beauty Cosmetics