Off the Shoulder Top + Printed Crop Trousers & Introducing Courses on Christenamelea!

Off the Shoulder Top + Printed Crop Trousers & Introducing Courses on Christenamelea!
Cropped Trousers

A question I always heard when I was at my 9-5 was Why I always dressed up for work? Which was typically followed by some sort of retort about there being no one to get dressed up for at the job but yet and still…How many times have you dressed up to go to the club though?

Honestly, the audience isn’t the real deterrent here. It’s the idea of taking the same amount of time you took to get dressed then go to the club….. to get dressed and go to a job is the thought that actually holds you back from looking your best on an everyday basis.

The misconception is that the women who seemingly always look their best are spending 2 & 3 hours in the morning getting ready, and maybe they are. I take 21 minutes to get in and out of my closet in the morning. I started timing myself in August. Originally thought I wasn’t taking more than 15 minutes, discovered it was bit more than 15 minutes some mornings. My average turned out to be 21 minutes. #The21minuteGlowup


What you find most of the time is actually the reason you don’t feel your best is because the outfit you eventually chose, isn’t an outfit you feel great in. You don’t feel as though it’s a slay and that feeling sits with you all day. Trying to slay but ending up in this thrown together foolishness is annoying and defeating. The slay doesn’t have to be so difficult. #SmoothSlaying

The other issue is “I only have so many cute looks”. Therefore there is this idea that you should be saving these “cute outfits” for occasions that “matter”. This needs to stop. What should be said is I’m not sure how to get anymore outfits that will equal a slay out of my closet. Chances are a little mixing will guarantee you some more looks out of your closet BUT let’s say you genuinely don’t have any more looks in your closet, you have maxed out. That means you didn’t shop with the intent to build a #ClutchCloset

STOP shopping for outfits and start shopping for pieces.

For the rest of the year I’m going to be putting out a course every single month. #The21minuteglowup #SmoothSlaying & #ClutchCloset


If there are any more topics you want me to do a course on or if you want to see one of these courses before the others. Let me know in the comment


My frames are from the subscription service Ditto (@Shopditto on social)