Christena Williams

Graphic T- Shirt + White Trainers

Christena Williams
Graphic T- Shirt + White Trainers

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Hey Loves!

Graphic tee obsessed here in the building. Sometimes the classics work.. 

T-shirt + Jeans + Trainers

Sometimes I get a little High Heel focused, but girrrrlll these white trainers have been my jam for the last 2 weeks. Something about an all white pair of trainers. Fresh tennis shoes make you feel great.

I am also a fan of crisp white t shirts, even though my son continues to remind me this is illogical on a child. I press on lol. However if you are fairly sure you can remain clean & pristine. Please don't let Summer pass you by without rocking a crisp white piece. 

T-Shirt - Try a graphic tee to keep the top half funky and fun, and witty of course. 

Jeans - I tend to lean towards detailed jeans because no matter what you wear them with you can count on the outfit not being too plain jane. 

Trainers - Now I'm a girly gal, I'll admit, but I can't pass pretty much any tennis shoe that has pink, metallics, glitter, or that's the perfect combination of clean white and detailed. See Exhibit A , Exhibit B & Exhibit C