Where to shop for Plus Size Swimwear

Where to shop for Plus Size Swimwear


Hey yall!

I probably have to tell you ahead of time that I had no plans of ever wearing a plus size swimsuit. Like none what. Soever. I wholly believed that I was always going to be a really cute big butt small boob girl.

Here we are now I am still a small boob big butt woman, and my actual waist is still significantly small however every part of my body scaled up lol. Here I am buying clothes out of the “WOMEN’S” section.

I literally wanted to cry when I tried on all the XL swimsuits in Target and not one thing fit. I shut down little bit, not externally but I totally shut down internally.  I felt defeated. I did not want to buy a plus size swimsuit. I did not want a swimsuit that’s main draw was support or your boobs. I don’t have giant boobs, they are regular sized lol. I’m maybe a cool 34 D or 34 C. ****SIDE NOTE*** Most people buy their bras too small. AD is really not that large. So I don’t need a swimsuit that acts as a swimming bra. Also whenever I saw plus size swimsuits they always had some type of ruching which I hate. Loathe.

Now if you have been following me for a while you know that I am an avid Forever 21 browser.  The year before, which was 2015, F21 had the same kind of PS swimsuits that everyone else was pushing. Yet I still went to browse because alas I am still me. I was floored, like totally floored they had swimsuits with cut outs! Cut Outs for fat girls, and the top wasn’t a bra! I pretty much grabbed the smallest size top, and one upped the size for the bottom and went straight to the cash register.

In the beginning of your plus size life even if you don’t plan on staying plus size. You have cute options you do not have to become this person who turns into a Granny. You can still have your personal style, there are places that cater to our sizes and super on trend for Plus Size women.