Beret Betty says "In your dreams buddy"

Beret Betty says "In your dreams buddy"
Fashion Trend Beret

Wearing a Beret and ratcheting  it up with a diamond choker. It's the coolFall season and all the cool kids are gonna start rocking head gear ,not cheesy head gear like the class nerd. I'm talking cute and trendy take your look from mall girl to model fashion trend.

You would have to be sleeping under a rock to not know that red is especially popping this season  and luckily it's just a color and not a shape or something (like peplum) so if you just so happen to be really attracted to the fashion trend , you wouldn't regret it next year.

I'm personally really attracted to that urban street style with 90's accents and that's where this look was born. That diamond choker spoke to me guys! It spoke to me! I sang that Migos song where he says "My diamonds a choker" ALL DAY. I'm the queen of song references in reference to my look or mood.

Fashion Trend Beret In your dreams

So in real life and not fashion runway life.  I think a black leather beret would be such an amazing add to the Fall/Winter capsule for your closet. Accessories are really the icing on the cake and  this fashion trend can be the inexpensive yet monumental addition to your Fall wardrobe.  Tell me if yall like this or nah?

Big Shout out to @jogottikob1 for editing these pictures for me