Biker Jacket + Skinny Jeans & A Free Plus Size Capsule Download

Biker Jacket + Skinny Jeans & A Free Plus Size Capsule Download
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Biker Jacket | Plus Size Blogger
Biker Jacket Skinny Jeans | Plus Size Blogger

Lauryn Hill, Tupac and Skinny Jeans what do they have in common? They’re classics! Yesss it's official the skinny jean has been determined to be a classic. Iconic. Honestly, truly skinny jeans are apart of my capsule in my closet right next to boyfriend jeans.

Skinny jeans in dark wash are going to be an appropriate way to spend your coins. You will get an impeccable cost per wear. I urge you to buy a great pair, not a good pair. A great pair for long term. The pair I’m wearing isn’t a great pair. They are just regular, cheap jeggings I grabbed from Forever 21.

I’m wearing my crap jeans with a classic piece though.

 Come on you know what it is.

 The biker jacket. The biker jacket is another classic that really is undefeated. Hence the term classic. I’m kind of a tragic fashion person because I do like the trends and I like to buy them, but I respect the classic therefore making the intermingling of “trends” a piece of cake. Well not that easy, but easier than if I had a stupid closet filled with ONLY trendy pieces.

You hate trends because you don’t know how to finesse them. If your closet was set up with an amazing foundation, trends would be fun for you instead of an awful black hole of death. 

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