The trend no one thought would stay

Biker shorts have been the new leggings this year. I've been buying them in bulk like three at a time because they're so inexpensive. I love the blazer biker short combo that Aimee from Song of Style rocked. It reminds me of those pictures I would see of New York women in their hose and tennis shoes. 

So there are three easy no fuss ways to wear them.  

1. Blazer, t-shirts , shorts - This one is everywhere and for good reason. It lets you bring an element of style to it with the blazer but still comfy with the shorts. 

2. Oversized top, shorts  - literally anything oversized but not too long or it will just end up looking lazy. However, go for drama with the top. 

3.  Monochromatic  or All over print - This can be all black which is how I would wear it or something like the Fendi print on print