Magic City Fashion Week #BloggersNightOut

Magic City Fashion Week #BloggersNightOut

Magic City Fashion Week's #BloggersNightOut hosted by @thevicstyles . She's the bomb, and super transparent, which is so freaking endearing. 

So we were all either bloggers, or wanted to be bloggers.  Like minded people. 

The overarching theme that night from my perspective was that iron sharpens iron.  Somewhere at the top of this week I was listening to  The Curlfriendz podcast ( Listen here )  and one of the points made on the episode was that  there are always these little things being put on by one person and aren't as successful as they could possibly be, but if we only came together more often, we can have so many more successes.  We have much to gain from each other. I learn something every single time we link up as a group.  So excited to be a part of Magic City Fashion Week. Before I forget, if you are a designer, model, makeup artist, blogger, or photog, please visit the site for more info and see how you can be involved. Last day you can apply is 8/15 That's 4 days! 

One major key I learned was

 Once you stop trying to be the next "Insert anyone other than yourself"  that is when you will truly start to blossom. 

Second gem: 

If you don't see what you want being represented, be that something.

Last Gem:

You create a lot of your world, in real life and on social media.  Remember you are  the creator.  You hold that power.  

So basically, you're powerful or whatever, turn up. 

Pictures by @RobFashionCrush

OK so the theme I saw in the looks I loved was making new of the old. Andie was in a beautiful denim dress that she basically created, she talks about it on her blog. She always has the BEST shoes yall.

Vic turned her mom's blouse is to this super romantical top.

Krysscole was rocking that beautiful embellished top with the cutest top bun ever of which I can never accomplish.    

Heavy Inspo.  Check the hashtag here.