Wear this If you’re tired of black, silver, and gold for NYE

Wear this If you’re tired of black, silver, and gold for NYE

If you are ordering your NYE outfit online you are already behind! 


photography by @megtsang  

Fur Coat // TJMAXX & I found similar one here

Normally I wait until forever to grab a NYE look and I'm only mildly ok wth it. Once in a while I'll throw together studying and it will bang. That's rarer than I would like to admit. 

So I prefer to wear multi colored sequins if I ever have the choice and as long as it doesn't veer over into tacky land. So when I spotted @arrayoffaces in these socks I thought, I have to have those!

These socks needed to be seen so I wore mine with heels too, and pulled it together with this outstanding fur coat found in tjmaxx. Faux fur of course because animals are cool. 

I loved the look so much that I went searching for more coats and discovered I'm actually really picky when it comes to faux fur. The main rule, MUST have pockets.

Last year this time I found myself with a partner in crime and honestly I miss that companionship but I just wasn't ready to be in anything serious because I've got a couple of things I need to work on before I can be in an “us”. Patience isn't my strongest quality. Needless to say I'm in my feelings but remember nothing last forever. There will be ups, downs, and you'll probably even plateau . Every season has its beginning and end.