Sheer Lace Dress & Velvet Booties + How to start a capsule wardrobe

Sheer Lace Dress & Velvet Booties + How to start a capsule wardrobe
How to wear Velvet boots

I feel much much better today and that’s a wave. Declaring the 2nd full week in September to be better than the last.

These boots were made for walking, and I mean that every cliche way you can think I mean it. I am in love with these sooo much. They are comfy. They are one of my Fall must haves, more than likely going in my capsule, and you will see them in the future. 

Let us get into this sheer dress. You might have seen me wearing it on the Snap when I was getting ready for #thebeautybrunch or when I was trying it on in F21. I know that if you’re here. You are more than likely size 12 and up. You’ve either heard “Big girls shouldn’t wear sheer” “no one wants to see that” OR you have convinced yourself of the aforementioned notions.  I simply put, don’t care. I just smile and move on. Yes some people hit the double take at this plus size women wearing a completely sheer dress out in public, but lots of girls (Looked younger than 20) walked up to me and doled out compliments. It was pretty cool and I prefer to be naked anyway so I was right at home.  At this point I’m comfortable telling you I would wear it every day if I could. Bigger girls can wear sheer pieces and rock it epically.

It’s one of those pieces that just rocked so well with my closet and it’s totally an anchor piece. What an anchor piece?

Well what does an anchor do? Prevents the craft from drifting due to wind or current.  It holds the ship down. It has the ship’s back. It’s the first thing you have to drop when you dock. You can’t get off of the ship until you drop the anchor.

That’s what an anchor piece is. It’s the first thing you pick out when you are figuring out what to wear.  You build your outfit around the anchor piece.

Three things an Anchor piece has to be.

·         Interesting

·         Buildable

·         Current


I assume that if you’re reading this, you’re intent is be stylish not just to be. Interesting just basically means you get excited about it. I promise it’s that simple. 


Once you really start understanding your closet everything will be buildable, but starting off buildable means that you can add a Basic piece (i.e. denim jacket, white tee) easily.


Not trendy, but current. Meaning it looks like you possibly bought it yesterday, unless you have a cheeky sort of style. (i.e. you wear strictly vintage clothing)

Once you identify what the anchor pieces are in your closet. Getting dressed starts to become a heck of alot easier. 

A capsule wardrobe is like a mini closet with  pieces that you love and rotate around to create multiple outfits. It's completely personal so you can play it real safe,  keep it neutral, have pops of color, RAINBOW filled, or super trendy.  It's all up to you. 

My closet already functions as a capsule wardrobe. Just never knew there was a name for it.  

Go Figure. 

The capsule wardrobe lifestyle is broken down in #clutchcloset and leading up to the launch you can enroll in my  FREE mini email course #The21minuteGlowUp

In this post where I talked about how I was going to begin releasing courses, I heard soooo much feedback on #The21minuteGlowUp I decided I'm going to release  mini email course. Then I will expand and release the full blown Harambe size version in November. 


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