Denim off the shoulder blouse + Fringe Hem Jeans

Denim off the shoulder blouse + Fringe Hem Jeans

Pictures by: Meg Tsang

There are a couple classics that everyone seems to believe should go in your closet, and that's true. Pieces like a button down white collared shirt or the perfect dark wash jeans. I agree. Do you NEED these thing. I think that kind of depends on your personal style. One of my favorite things to do though?

I love to incorporate trends, but I still edit when I shop. A super easy thing to do stay on-trend but maybe not be "trendy" is to just buy a pair of jeans that have something trendy in the details, like these fringe hem jeans. I love these jeans soooo much. These are my second favorite jeans in the closet t wear right now. They are comfy af, mostly because they are cropped and it's hot ,but the fringe adds a layer of style that pushes a look. (because details right)