Floral Bomber + Mesh Booties

Floral Bomber + Mesh Booties
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Floral & Bomber

How could you not?

For the time being this will be my second go to light jacket in my capsule, replacing my thrifted camo jacket. The WhoWhatWear collection in Target has been so freaking clutch, and they go up to a size 16! Have you started preparing your closet for the next season's capsule?

That’s my kind of line, you can only imagine how frustrating it is to fall in love with a look, a piece, a skirt and it not come in your size. So I was super excited to find everything I wanted in my size then subsequently put everything back because…budget *eye roll at adulting*

Anywho get into some of my faves from the collection below and if you aren’t quite sure what to buy because everything is cute, make sure you sign up for #The21minuteGlowUp for guidance.