What in the world is Galentine's Day?

What in the world is Galentine's Day?

What is Galentine's day? It's only the best day ever!

Black Girls Galentine's Day

If you were unaware Galentine's day came from Season 2 Episode 16 of one of my favorite shows to watch during down time or when I'm writing .

The GOAT: Parks and Recreation

In the show on Galentine's Day Leslie gives all the girls at the table ridiculously extra gifts and a 5,000 word essay to each of them telling them how amazing they are. They eat waffles and drink what I assume are mimosas. The kind of extra I strive to be. 

So I held my own mini Galentine's Day. Here is what I needed to make it happen.

Decorate a bit!

Seriously how can this be a true celebration without decorations. I bought two dozen roses from Trader Joe's. (First of all ,who knew about his secret place where everything is inexpensive). I bought roses in pink & in lilac because I love a good cliche. I didn't buy red roses because I figure I would let the guys have that. 

Goody Bags for your Gals!

So I invited two blogger babes of mine out and even thought its was freezing they obliged. So of course I had to get them some goodies. No where near as grandiose as Leslie but still if you are going to have a Galentine's Day you have to give gifts.  I included Desk name plates, and some stationary because I love stationary!   

No Thirst Allowed  

I brought wine because I personally love a smidge of alcohol with every get together to loosen everyone up. So I brought in some Yellow Tail Chardonnay to toast to. Next time I will definitely bring Champagne by Clicquot what better way to celebrate an girl's day than with champagne from a house ran by a woman. 



The Gals

Galentine's Day Tarua Clear earrings

Blogger Gal Tarua



Blogger Gal Kryss Cole


As we get older I think it's wild important to make time for your friends, otherwise  you can forget you're not alone out here. I asked the girls a couple of questions about themselves and their own girlfriends. 

Have you ever heard of Galentine's Day? Have you ever celebrated it? 

T: I've done all girls valentine's but never called it galentine's.

K:  I’ve heard of Galentine’s Day but I never knew the origin of it!  I’ve never celebrated it, but I think that the older my friends and I get & the deeper we get into our lives, I would love to start taking a day out the year to just celebrate each other!

What is your favorite activity to do with your gal-friends? 

T: I love dinner and drinks or girl talk nights with my girl

K: My favorite activity to do with my friends is EAT ✨ fellowshipping over a meal while sharing stories and experiences is the ultimate hang out for me!

Favorite place to go with your friends in the city? 

T: I love live music bars (Plum) and brunch with my girls

K: My favorite place in the city to go with my girls would be pretty much any bar! I don’t drink, but my friends do & it’s always fun to just get dressed cute and go out with the girls!

So do you guys have a better understanding of the point of Galentine's Day? It's low key, but it's really just about showing your girlfriends you love them just like Valentine's Day is about showing love to your significant other. It's also another reason to get buzzy with the girls (Insert sneaky face emoji )

My Outfit 


Ok deets on this look I sported. I was going for a kind of fun but kind of sexy look. I ended up getting a lot of sexy with this dress. I didn't end up liking the whole romper / maxi thing.It was uncomfortable for me. The top was also too big on me.  So I ended up returning it. If you are interested in this dress, the deets are below. These shoes I swiped from Poshmark and they are  Marco De Vincenzo knock offs from many many seasons ago but I'M OBSESSED.