The Easy Way to Fix Boring Outfits

The Easy Way to Fix Boring Outfits
Top Handle Bag in the rain at The Pizitz Birmingham Alabama
Personal Style at The Pizitz in Birmingham Alabama
caught in the rain style blogger Birmingham Alabama

The Bag

Photography : Meg Tsang

OK it's a Thursday and everything in my closet looks blah to me and I don't feel like doing the Watusi with different pieces to get something fun, and "fashionable" (Even the word sounds exclusive) . At this point I will either reach for jeans or a skirt and a  graphic tee. Now add accessories.  Easy Peasy way to uplift or fix a boring outfit.  Accessories are the least expensive pieces to buy if you wanna hop on a trend but not have a whole new closet. These are my faves. I dropped links to my favorites in a gallery at the end of the post.  


The top handle bag is cute, and on trend. It comes in many fun and special situations. I have the faux fur top handle bag and I also have a beaded top handle bag. It is a black ball beaded top handle bag I grabbed for $20 bucks from ZARA and instantly makes any outfit more stylish. 

Faux Fur Top Handle Bag


Angular frames are popular and I am pretty sure you have seen them on all your faves on IG. They add edge (pun intended) to pretty much anything. I'm not anywhere near edgy so I like to add them when I need a good slay. This Accessory alone can turn any boring outfit into IG gold. 


Lots of people have been kind of on the fence about the infamous belt bag slash fanny pack revamped. I tried it. I kind of dig it. I prefer to use it as  sister purse to my top handle.  So yes I essentially walk around with two purses and I like it. You can wear it with clothes you already have and still look like you're fashionable but not a trend slave. 

Belt Bag Plus Size