How to style your thigh high boots

How to style your thigh high boots

Top: Forever 21  

Skirt: HM

Boots: Virgo85

Earrings: HM


Bright red, Long, take over my leg boots. They look great on me. I feel unstoppable, quite the oxymoron here. Now what?

How many ways can you really wear Over the knee boots? Plenty of ways, trust me.  Here are a few ways..

1. In the past my first mind was to rock my boots with  shorts, right .... I meannnnnn. 

A classic, tried and true look is rocking short shorts and crazy long boots.

Rock them with denim short, a bold lip, and T-shirt, bam, a casual  slay. You can also class them up like @oluwafunmifly  did here 


2.  The lampshade look is pretty simple to accomplish also. I did here with my pink & red look.

 Find yourself one of your fave sweaters  that's super warm and longer than a normal sweater, not a sweater dress, throw on your boots, and add you personal style touches. This looks is typically sans pants.

I'm privy to a pair of biker shorts though, forever and always.


3.  Last but not least, the way I styled it here  reminds me of Sam I Am  from Dr. Seuss lol, you know like what legs? 

This is best for stand out boots, like prints or bright colors. It certainly works with neutral colors also , it just pops with the special boots.

These are just a few, playing in your closet, get creative and tag me with how you wear them.