Christena Williams

Fall is coming: How to wear Western or Prairie Trends

Christena Williams
Fall is coming:  How to wear Western or Prairie Trends


Right now I'm jamming to Mac Miller. Viewing some old Kyrzayda looks. Get into the people you care about. Know their story.

Prairie and Western was all over the runways and I KNOW I KNOW. Fashion on the runway doesn't always translate in realreal ife. This isn't couture though. It can be worked into your life as that statement piece especially if you have a romantic kind of style or just affinity for the country life. I totally understand it. It's not exactly the same but I LUUUVVV The Pioneer Woman .

Anyway back to the topic. There is 100% a romantic element to my style. I like frills, the florals, sheer pastels, and such. Hence this look. If you don't know, you know now. I love juxtaposition also. The sheer daisy printed cropped blouse against, the punk, lace up, skin exposed, and hard gold accents.

The thing is most people that aren't here for this trend because 1. They think it's big on florals are morbidly afraid of looking like they're grandmother's couch/curtains. I understand this whole heartedly.

This top actually has a matching skirt that lied about being a size 16. I wanted to wear it on my birthday but it didn't work out. I'll link below if I can. Ok so let's go over some basic How to wear the western trend points.

1. Prairie prints. Fun color ways. - This keeps you out of Granny's curtains territory. My favorite prints are the smaller florals. (The silhouettes are going to be high neck a lot so have fun with your earrings too)

2. Co-ord or Jux- Do the most or Mix it up is what this boils down to. Add a fringe suede jacket and wear that with OTK cowboy boots. Jux with it up; pair it with something considered edgy right now like biker shorts.

3. Accessories - The belt with the chunky typically metal buckle. I actually love the double buckle situation. Also the boots that have come out of this trend are Uh-mazing, most of them I can't afford yet, but I'm sure our favorite inspired stores will bring out the remakes any time now.