Christena Williams

Everyone is wearing this color right now

Christena Williams
Everyone is wearing this color right now

Remember that time I wrote a whole post about plus size women wearing pastels when they feel like it , No. Its here

Well, here we are again showing that we can slay like Buffy.

Lilac is back girls. I can't say I expected it but also can't say I don't like it. It was all over the runways, I'm a kind of glad to be done with the  millennial pink. I wouldn't mind a real cute t-shirt dress in lilac. Lilac brings me to middle school I feel like or like early high school with the platform sodas.


The lilac rush is going to be cute with any pink you already have all accumulated. A full pastel look is going to be right what the doctor ordered this Spring. PVC accessories are still trending but more so in the sophisticated pieces like PVC pumps and PVC purses in large bag forms. 


I'm really in the mind to wear platform vans and flirt dresses all Summer. I would show you all my Polyvore looks but alas Polyvore sis gone and lord knows I felt it in my bones. 


Anyway so instead of saying Floral for Spring this year we're saying pastels for spring. Think Easter but you can make it look grown up, the opposite of what I did. If full on pastels make you gag, try and integrate a pair of shoes or a bag. I put a couple of pieces together below. Check it out.