Metallic Pleated Skirt + Graphic "I'm Not a Blogger" Tee

Metallic Pleated Skirt + Graphic "I'm Not a Blogger" Tee

I'm super pumped to be shooting again. Spring is LIT. You cannot convince me otherwise.  It's all smiles through all 4 seasons!

At least that's what  I'm singing now. Check on me again when the humidity gets cray cray.  Spring is that perfect time to wear light jackets / year round jackets to kick up your looks. Layering is the easiest way to looklike you blew up the spot on purpose when really you just needed pockets for your keys.

Wearing all your favorite pieces together as a lovely cohesive look and I dare you to have a bad day. Pretty much what I did here. I've had a thing for soft blue pieces as of late and they are pretty much neutral and honestly as the needle moves further to the right I'm hard-pressed to say everything can be a neutral. I got this skirt from Zara but it's super sold out and these shoes from Justfab The Sabrina shoes. I 'm gonna put some options below.

HairImports4u Not A Blogger T shirt