Neon Raincoat + Baseline Adidas

Okay Yall! I've missed you so very much and I've missed creating and shooting looks for the blog. My computer went dead and it broke my heart. 

I'm back in corporate world gathering my life and low key miserable but I'm available again to do things I actually love:

Shopping for you guys

 Shooting looks

 Polyvore Outfits

Getting you all looks for your events and birthdays!

Ugh I missed it all, but I'm back so its lit.

Style wise I find myself dressing more on the casual side these days. Graphic Tees, distressed jeans,  sneakers, long-line sweaters, and skinny pants.

I feel like I haven't dressed up forever, finally bought some heels in February changed my life, lol. So expect to see me dressed up again sometime soon.