Where to find over the knee boots for thick thighs

Where to find over the knee boots for thick thighs
Christena Melea Plus Size Thigh High Boots

It's finally kind of Fall and let me tell you. I've been excited to buy over the knee boots. It really was a no brainer to grab these boots when I saw them on IG. I have to admit I've been wanting a pair of those Balenciaga Knife boots ever since I've spotted them well.... Everywhere. I've been styling them with everything on my Polyvore, they come in so many colors 😩. They're clearly out of my price range and affordability. However when there is a will there is a way. The way was these boots from Virgo 85. So happy I found them. The customer service is SO good. The product was quality.  Thank goodness. 

Since I'm a owner of thick thighs and I'm sure many of you are too. Recently I've been asked where I find plus size over the knee I want to let you guys know where I've found over the knee boots that fit my plus size thighs and some tips on what to look for.  Square one, not all over the knee boots were made for us. I mean it is what it is.  We either have to shop where the over the knee boots are made specifically for us or we have to know what to look for. 

So first, brands  who make over the knee boots for us plus size thighs like Eloquii , Ashley Stewart, Torrid. Brands like these carry wide width boots that are made to get up past our calves and then up our thighs.

If you are looking for the "stunna"( I see you Riri ) This is what we shall do. We shall pay attention to fabric, and we shall pay attention to structure. If you follow my Instastories or my Facebook, you know I fell victim to bad research and got my feelings hurt with the boohoo metallic over the knee boots. Those boots had not nan bit of give. Broke my heart. 

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 Boom, check it,  these over the knee sock boots are bomb, and will uplift any look and they're perfect for thick thighs because they are STRETCHY. 

The Boots I'm wearing in this look!

Plus size Boots.png

Ok cool, moving on. The lace up over the knee boot. Now, with lace boots, you have more control over the fit, so you can pretty safely bet on these