Plus size Pajama chic

Plus size Pajama chic

I would say this is a pajama chic inspired look but it these are literally pajamas. Like very literally lol. 


It's National Thrift Shop Day and even though I didn't actually shop today but yesterday I still say this is appropriate. I went along with three other blogger bands and I only spent $17!  I got a curling iron, red pants, this set, a purse, a silver dress and a dad hat. I would have to say I did incredibly well. *pats self on the back*  



Anywho let's get into the look. Although I don't thrift often I always dive head first into the lingerie section because there is always a dope satin situation or lace situation there waiting for me.  Satin, silk, lace are all pretty timeless and I hate looking "dated".


Also the icing on the cake is accessories and shoes. The IG shoe of the 2015+ the clear single strap heel. The layered gold necklace and rose gold clutch for my  new lip gloss from Sephora girl.   



So shout out to my blogger girl friends, The Salvation Army on 150, Felecia in Sephora , & Forever21. 

Special skit shout out to Kirk of @kirkskamera for shooting this for me super duper last minute.