Chunky Patches Sweater + Tights with Patches

Chunky Patches Sweater + Tights with Patches


Y'all I know 150% that some of you are like umm ma'am. Where have you been?

and I'm here to be honest and tell you guys. I've been up and down round and round trying to tie my life in a neat little bow and failing miserably at it. Now I'm just kind of like you know what.

Fudge it. 

Well I feel like fudge it today, tomorrow I might be miserable again, but as of today I feel outstanding and I wanted to share the little bit of joy I got when trying this crazy crazy patches look on in F21's store. I picked it up off of the super clearance rack, the sweater first. I was like what a funky lil sweater. $5! "Don't mind if I do" THEN. I spot these tights with similar patches down the line and I'm like "No way these will be in my size" and they are!

I'm not sure if these are supposed to be worn together but I felt like being extra. So I wore them together and I was feeling it, prob never wear it again. honesty and truly, but it was a fun $10 look. 

Whole Outfit is from Forever 21. The shoes are from Aldo. My fabulous make up is by @DangShawtyBeat on IG.