Graphic Bodysuit + Frayed Hem Jeans & 9 items on the chopping board because...30

Graphic Bodysuit + Frayed Hem Jeans & 9 items on the chopping board because...30

Makeup by Felecia

Photos by Meg

This is my last week in my twenties and naturally I've been reflecting and what not. One thing that ran across my mind was dressing age-appropriate and whether or not I personally wanna subscribe to the notion. I don't think that there really should be a such thing as "age-appropriate" . One of the major beliefs I have is that style is very very personal, and being that people evolve so does their style and how they wanna feel in the morning, or what they're comfortable revealing, or how they want to be presented.  All of this factors into a person's style. So I put together a list of all the things  I personally won't be giving up just because I turned 30 & things I probably will give up now that my style is changing.


Not quite giving up



Because Easy 

Mini Skirts

Because thigh meat

Body-con Dresses

Because I'm not done yet


Because I've only recently become mildly obsessed with athleisure 


Probably phasing out


50's Circle skirts

I wore these quite a lot through my 20's I'm kind of over them. 

Cheap Prints

Fastest way to look dated is with cheap prints. I avoid cheap prints like the plaque when shopping in the thrift store. 

Wedge Booties/Wedges

I don't necessarily have a problem with wedges in general but I haven't seen a pair I like in a long long while, maybe that's just a personal style choice .

Flip Flops

Because the cost per wear vs the wow factor is in the black


I love a jumpsuit!, but I'm done with rompers. 


So what do you guys think about my list? Are you for or against "dressing age-appropriate"