Will High Fashion and Plus Size ever get along?

Will High Fashion and Plus Size ever get along?

Yeah yeah we know

You know plus size has it's beef with fashion options and representation. 

I think the only time I've felt stifled by my current weight is when I realized I couldn't fit straight size anymore. That is when I cried after shopping. That is when I was like shook. My self esteem was baked into how I great I felt about how I put a look together every morning.  That is Kind of screwy, I know. However , its my truth so take it or leave it. I had to kind of hunker down and find out

1. What my actual size was 

2. Where to shop

3. Correction, where to shop for clothes I would actually wear that came in my size, because I could find stuff in my size but it wasn't stuff I felt like was on trend or remotely current

4. Also I needed to find items that were affordable because I live on a modest budget

I also realized I would probably hit a ceiling in my style blogging fashion world because I don't see any luxury brands endorsing plus size influencers not to mention I'm a black girl and even though the black dollar holds up so many businesses. We still have to fight for representation.  I love fashion and I wanna rock the pieces I see on runways too.  I follow Kahlana like a stalker and she's rocking pieces  that I would absolutely love to have and wear and style. Aimee from SongofStyle.com  rocks pieces I need in my life but these pieces are like a part of a life I can't quite touch. I could probably, eventually buy the shoes, purse and hat but the clothes....forget about it. I would have to drop a cool ass 60lbs to live that high fashion life and honestly, honest honest. I've thought well hell I can make that sacrifice. I can go be a skinny broad for the sake of fashion because even if fashion changed and started making this stuff in my size.  It wouldn't be while I was in my 30's which I kind of feel is like a top tier decade.  

I think that's kind of crazy. I think it sucks that you have to change the  way you look to participate in a field you love. You can be completely okay with your body but you can't rock this look you're in love with because it does not come in your size.

It's like I want to be included in that conversation but at the same time it's like why do I have to ask?