Christena Williams

"She Old Bruh" & F21 Double Split Tube Dress

Christena Williams
"She Old Bruh" & F21 Double Split Tube Dress

Real quick, so you guys understand why I named this post "She old bruh" lol. If you follow me on Snap you probably heard this story before, so revisit. If not, here we go. I'm not the best writer so bare with me.

 I'm just getting home from work, and I have Treyton in tow. I grab as much crap from the car to take in the house and I'm walking down my driveway and I hear someone cat call out to me. I live next to a family with a teenage son and I recall him and his friends were on the steps when we pulled up at the house. So one of the boys,  I can only assume the boy that actually lives there says to his friend, " Bruh she old bruh" at that point I burst out in laughter because I'm so tickled and it was at that point that I was like wow I am considered old by teenagers now I'm really turningacorner.  I'm legit tickled.

It's crazy I'm 30 now, and its crazier because I don't feel 30! Then again what does 30 feel like?  This might be because I'm still figuring out so much. I'm just now becoming financially responsible. I'm just starting to love and understand myself. The idea I used to associate with 30 was the typical, married with kids, on track career wise, and with a degree. You know every parent's dream.  

Yeah I'm not there, I'mstill recovering from my spontaneous 20s. 

Now it kind of feels like I'm starting over but with all the lessons actually resonating as lessons.

Time is starting to hold value.

Time finally being recognized as something I can't get back.

Beauty recognized as something that fades when it comes to the physical aspect.

Differences in humans being appreciated.

Admitting the future exist and I'll have to live in it.

Gratitude being priority.

Happiness no longer determined by outside factors.

I predict a great decade upon the horizons.

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