How to get over being Plus size

How to get over being Plus size


I got on the scale Sunday afternoon and I saw the number that I've been so proud that I've never seen on my own scale.  Judge me I know I shouldn't say that as if a certain number is deemed horrible but for me 

I fainted a little bit

ok a lot

& now I'm cool

So Christena what happened?

I moped around the house for a day and went on  diet for 3 days, then I decided that it was stupid that I was letting the damn scale control how I felt. The two are not synonymous. You know what other number isn't a big deal.  YOUR SIZE. So here are three steps to get your of the plus size funk. 


For me most of the disappointment of being plus size was when I really realized I was plus size... I was inside of the fitting room trying on the Larges I always grabbed in the past. These Larges were not here for me! My hips were not lying, it was all bad. I was nearly in tears. I couldn't fit in  anything I wanted to buy that day. I was a glutton for punishment that day. I went in every other store convinced that every store's clothes were running small. Ehhh it was a long day. 

Now I know my size and you need to know yours. First thing First. Get a tape measure. I KNOW I KNOW. You don't feel like it. Stop being lazy and take your measurements. This information will be priceless when ordering online.It's going to save you soo many trips to the post office returning online purchases. 


Now that you know your size, divorce it. I had to separate from the size and while you're at it separate yourself from the word plus. Don't get attached to it emotionally. Your size is the equivalent to a one night stand. You owe it nothing.  You just needed to get to know each other real quick. 

Again... it is a number. It's like an address you just to need to know what it is to get where you need to go. 


This is the fun part. There are sooooo many places that sell on trend plus size clothings, or more like you can find your size at so many retailers now.  I highly suggest buying key items first like jeans