LivingChristena Williams

Content that kicks you in the throat and content that makes you say HMMM

LivingChristena Williams
Content that kicks you in the throat and content that makes you say HMMM

First and foremost I know I disappeared and I’m missing days on young #Bloglikecrazy but I’m still going!

So what I did this weekend instead of listening to my music. I listened to 2 new (to me) podcast and finished two chapters in new audio book. I wrote some notes down and sometimes when I write notes, it’s not direct quotes. Sometimes it’s something that came to mind while I was listening.

Mattie & Chris Podcast

You can only work on a relationship that both people want to be in. (i.e. If you’re the only one that cares, you are doing the most, pull back )

You can’t do a behind the scenes during the process.  There may have been some absences from Mattie for certain periods in time but she doesn’t dump all her problems, or emotions and feelings all over the internet. This podcast came after the situation had been for the most part resolved. You can’t do a behind the scenes during the process.

There are dangers in doing the right thing for the wrong reasons. The Lord is checking for your heart. 

Take your time with your healing . Allow yourself the time to heal and grow.

Give yourself grace . Sometimes you just aren’t ready yet. You can’t cheat the journey. 

I’m just wondering what does pouring into others look like ? Does that change by person. 

Complacency is so dangerous because you become ungrateful. You aren’t challenged. You can’t grow. 

The man; The head must be able to provide stability and vision for the family . Reinforce the goal and vision for the family. 

The idea of the the wife and husband relationship being similar to the relationship between Coach & Star player. They need each other to reach each other’s highest achieving point.

Know yourself

Know where you fit in

Maximize on your abilities 

As a single person you will be completely okay, and you have an advantage. All of your time is yours. Use that time finding yourself. Getting to know yourself. 

If you are blessed to find another whole person together you both can be magic. The energy will be amazing. Instead of being good you can be great. Great instead of ok.

Marriage is not for everybody. Marriage is for people who want to be married

Love is universal. Not all love is romantic & not all marriages require romantic love. 



Dangers of doing the right thing for the wrong reason

*Reminder : You can go to Jesus when you can't go to anyone else*

It is dangerous to let people know what you need. Sometimes people will use what you need against you. 

It's dangerous for people to know your weakness. You CAN NOT vent and air out your weakness to everyone especially when you are still working on overcoming. People (Misguided or Manipulating people )will give you what you need ,but they will not mean it. They won't be doing it for the right reason. 


When people do it JUST because they know you need it, they get tired really easy/fast

They really weren't  concerned, they didn't care. They did it just to placate you, they gave you what you needed.  

You can not motivate people who have bad motives! You will work yourself into the grave. You will give yourself a nervous breakdown. It's because they were never doing it for the right reasons. 

Manipulators do the right thing for the wrong reason. The agenda will eventually reveal itself. Manipulators always try and bypass the process to access the progress 

You don't have to be evil to be a manipulator. You can be misguided.

If you let people keep talking  they will tell on themselves. 

You don't want people to do anything for you with ulterior motives. You will have to keep feeding them for them to keep working!

You want someone who enjoys doing it. They want to do it. It's in their heart. 

When you manipulate , you are trying to CONTROL the narrative.


The Laws of Human Nature

Chapter 1 - The law of Irrationality 

The Inner Athena - Here he does his history dive mainly focusing on Pericles

How to be truly rational when you're so used to being ruled by your emotions? 

Rationality makes a human act with divine wisdom. 

So to get closer to actual rationality,you must master emotions. Emotions turn you inward  and away from reality. 

You see the world through the lens of your emotions. They cloud our vision. 

Never react in the moment. Never act under the influence of  a strong emotion. 

Pericles analyzed his feelings. When you look closely at your insecurities or anger. You see they are not really justified. They lose significance under scrutiny. Isolate yourself. Calm yourself down when feeling extreme emotions.  

You are typically and constantly responding/reacting to the drama of life.  Attention constantly being pulled this way and that way. You must train yourself to be rational instead of impulse and emotion driven.

You should start to question yourself and your emotions. Analyze your emotions. Think for yourself instead of reacting to what others give you. 

You will deliberate longer before acting and re-asses your decisions.  When people inundate you with their drama you will resent them and you will want to think past them. 

You tend to have 2 parts of yourself. One that is sensible and rational. The other wants to do things that are senseless and kind of funny. You want to do the amusing thing. It's human nature. 



So guys that is what I’ve consumed this week and I’ve taken bits and pieces from each source. Not everything but some.