Printed Sweatshirt + Textured Leather Skirt

Printed Sweatshirt + Textured Leather Skirt
Plus Size Forever 21 Mini Skirt
Plus Size Blogger | Mini Skirt | Printed Sweatshirt

Gotta tell you guys, I’m a sucker for a mini skirt look. 150% thought that when I hit these plus sizes my mini skirt days were over. I was wrong.

One thing I can tell you guys off top is that. Getting dressed in the morning (or afternoon) does not have to be a dramatic affair.  If you truly understand your personal style you have honestly crossed the busiest intersection. I get pulled into the Fashion Trend as much or maybe even more than the average girl, but I know for the most part, my style is a fitted, feminine style with a love for juxtaposition and a urban street style influence. 

My anchor piece was this mini skirt. I knew I wanted to wear it because there is something about a mini skirt that makes me feel bad ass.  The textured nature of this skirt gave it so much character, therein making it easier to feel bomb in. If you want to get more technical about the importance of textures & anchor pieces sign up for the FREE mini course below.

Topped this look with my new printed sweatshirt from H&M. Sweatshirts are undefeated when it comes to colder months. Dress them up, Dress them down. You really can’t lose here and this sweatshirt was a cool $9.99!

To add an extra level of funk, I wore my fuzzy socks with my booties to let the rim of my socks sit on top of my booties… this would be so fun with sheer socks too. I put some of my faves in the scroll box with what I wore. Check it out. 


Plus Size Mini Skirt