Sherling Jacket & Plaid Mini

Sherling Jacket & Plaid Mini
Plus Size Shearling Jacket Plus size plaid mini

I spent my whole day a whole anxious mess & I really can't help but laugh at myself because GIRL. TF? 

Bank Account looking a bit lack luster ever since paying bills only to have a sneaky bill come and try me. Had me feeling a way. I also realized it's been a year since I broke up with my ex and that led me down some funky ass path of feelings too,that just led me back to some inside things as most paths do. Everything is an inside job, right? I saw a lot of chatter in the blogosphere about lack of diversity and equality in our world. It just made me wanna get up and continue to share my own style story. If I don't fit their aesthetic so be it.  F em. I don't spend any money with them anyway and I'm not going to send any of you guys their way because they don't deserve you.

One thing I do wanna do this year though is expand my net for where I shop. I tend to stay in F21 because it's inexpensive and on trend. Expanding means I am probably going to be shopping at a higher price point stores like ASOS but I also wanna explore other affordable stores like Charlotte Russe. Most importantly I wanna shop indie brands that carry our size. I wanna give you guys a bit more range. 

 More down under these pictures of me in front of this dope ass trailer thing

Plus Size Shearling Jacket Plaid Mini skirt

Laquan Smith had me really into plaid during the Fall and so I found this skirt online I wanted to rock it like over a bodysuit/catsuit  but it wasn't all that cold this day and I don't like being stuck in clothes I can't get off, but if any of yall  rock a look like that tag me I wanna see. This jacket makes me feel sooooo cool man. It made an appearance in my ice cream bakery visit. I wear it with everything because it uplifts everything. The one I have is sold out unfortunately. I found a similar one here. That skirt is sold out but the boots are still here.


I get real excited when I find a cool wall in Birmingham. Even more excited when I remember where I found it. This one is behind Redemptive Cycles. A really cool bike shop. Check it out if you're into it. I'm taking Trey skills there for new cycle.