Floral Crop Top + Button Front Skirt

Floral Crop Top +  Button Front Skirt

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Button Front Skirts are for sure apart of the 70's influence that never ever goes away,  but I mostly bought this skirt because it was black & white and striped of which I have a slight issue with passing up. I especially fell in love with the skirt when I put it on, it feels like sunrise on the coast.  So there are two things that made me buy this skirt. 

1.  On Trend or Transcends Trends

2. Fits my personal style

and I lied there was one more

3. The color way

3 Major Keys when it comes to spending my money on  clothes, after of course I verify I'm in a section that carries my size lol. I am not the chick who says buy whatever makes you happy. If you're buying  dress that insanely dated. I will not support the buying of said garment.  What I do support is buying items that transcend trends. Those are the best. Those items are gems. You absolutely have to have an eye for patterns, prints, colors, and shape. 

On Trend or Transcends Trends

Honestly both. How do you do both? I tend to buy prints that can move through seasons and trends pretty easily. Stripes never go out of style. Not once, not ever.  Smaller florals prints, not so much big and bold prints. These can tend to look too trendy. I will admit that I enjoy trying out the trends but I typically don't splurge on a super trendy items unless I get emotionally attached to them. 

Fits my Personal Style

Every blue moon I will lean into another "style" to try it on for size per se. Like the Urban Street with hints of femininity. I LOVE those looks.  However again I am not going to splurge on Ri's Puma Tennis Shoes because I will probably put an epic look together with them and then forget about them. It doesn't fit into my normal style aesthetic. Maybe when I'm financially endowed I'll splurge but until then I invest in items that fit in MY personal style aesthetic. My personal style is Feminine most of the time with a side f slay (Typically my shoes) & I throw in my quirky cheeky side every now and then but if it's not within my personal style. I'm not going to buy it no matter how "on trend" 

The Color Way

Now this is important but not like super ridiculously important because once you really understand how to  style the items you already have and the items you buy. You'll learn how to use colors to your advantage. 

Saying that don't be afraid of color,  The key to wearing color is complementing your overall look. Think of the color wheel: 

Opposite colors and neighboring colors work well together. Neutrals are key and clutch. 


Opposite colors and neighboring colors work well together. Neutrals are key and clutch. 



These tips alone changed how I shopped and I stopped buying random items of clothing and started buying pieces that transformed my wardrobe. 

Happy Shopping!