Stripe it up!

Stripe it up!

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Have you ever looked in your closet and just kind of sighed like.... How did we get here? I have 🙋🏾‍♀️.

Judge me if you must. I get it. 

Well recently I realized I've been buying a lot of black... I was looking at what dresses to put on for some meet up.  My choices were all black 🌑. Wtf. I was trying to stand out. I was trying to be the stunner in that ( insert stunning color) dress. I mean it's freaking summer time. I'm glowing. I'm a bit darker so the colors are hitting and glowing off of me.

I've started buying red dresses for these occasions... Another post for that. 

Let's talk about what I can wear for my day time excursions. I like to play with stripes and polka dots. Classics that are reinvented with color swatches and the different silhouettes . I put my fave down below. 

The dress I have on is SOLD OUT & the bag from a new store in the mall named Mint Leafe. Online Store here

Forever 21 Plus Sized Striped Tube Dress
Plus size striped tube dress