Gladiator Sandals + Snakeskin Tank & #StyleGoals

Gladiator Sandals + Snakeskin Tank & #StyleGoals
Plus Size Mustard
Plus size snakeskin

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This look really really reminds me of ketchup & mustard? NO?

Nah that I am sooo in love with this look.  Mostly because I hadn’t worn this tank since last year not because I don’t like it but because I forgot about it and it still meshed with my current wardrobe which is #StyleGoals

My Style Goals 

NEVER EVER looking dated

There is a difference between pulling from past fashion to produce a current look and just looking like you fell out of a whole other decade. Unless that’s your thing. That type of cheeky 50’s chick is some people’s style, and if you can rock it please do. I’m talking about looking like you haven’t been shopping in 5+ years.

Being comfortable

I have had my share of awfully tight crawling dresses/ skirts, jeans that made it hard for me to breathe. I’m sorry made it impossible to breathe. It’s annoying. It’s annoying to pull your skirt down 50x, it sucks to have to pull your jeans over your stomach in order to sit down. So unless I’m at a red carpet event where I am more than willing to sacrifice comfort for a couple hours. I need to be able to function in my clothes.

Crazy Amazing Ridiculous Shoes

If I was ever to have a thing for something, it’s definitely shoes. I hate to see an outfit with boring shoes. It really actually breaks my heart. I literally say a prayer and go buy myself cute shoes in remembrance.

So what are your style goals? Snap me or Instasnap me lol @ChristenaMelea everywhere