The Three Thrifty Keys to Christmas Outfit Shopping Part 1

The Three Thrifty Keys to Christmas Outfit Shopping Part 1
Plus Size Thrifting

Left to Right (Krystal, Meagan, and ME)

Makeup on Krystal & I by JOY Follow her here

Photography by Kirk Follow him here

Waterfall Blazer (OLD-F21) Shoes (OLD-Shoedazzle) Skirt (America's Thrift Store) 


Ok I'm super excited about this post because if you came here from my IG you know I am not typically in your local thrift store. So when Krystal hit me up with the master plan I was excited but I was nervous because all your faves "love to thrift" and EYE had not mastered the thrift store adventure, but alas an adventure it was. 

So in the spirit of Christmas I'm dubbing this series *insert something punny* Actually I kind of suck at puns soooooooo.

The Three Thrifty Keys to Christmas Outfit Shopping

Thrifty Key # 1

This skirt I'm wearing is actually a shirt, a button down shirt in a 1X that was originally going to be paired with high waisted white wide legged pants that we found in America's Thrift Store. *SPOILER ALERT* The pants would not go over my bum. So I had to improvise. We really loved this print, it was called the Versace shirt *Cue Bruno Mars*

The shirt was already a bit on the looser side, and it was button down with long sleeves, both of these things MAJORLY contributed to why I was able to turn this shirt into a skirt. I unbuttoned the front about three buttons down, and tied it in a knot and spun it around so that all the ugly was hidden. 

What do you guys think of my faux skirt? Are you excited about tomorrow's look? and if you are wondering. my skirt/shirt was only $1.99 *insert blowing kisses emoji*