Chokers you need for Fall

Chokers you need for Fall

So by now I'm sure you know chokers are poppin and they have been popping since Spring this year really, well the 90's really, well you see where I'm going. So it's about to be Fall and this is gonna be your goto piece of jewelry to pull your outfit together. 

The choker pretty much isn't going anywhere, but if you're anything like me, you don't wanna be too typical. Classics like the tattoo choker will be here because, classic. However, you have options. 

So I gathered a little round up for yall. The most important choker types that I suggest grabbing to get through Fall for sure. 

Stacked chokers

These are pretty much going to be the equivalent of your statement necklace.

Velvet Chokers

Velvet is gonna be LIT this Fall & probably Winter so if Velvet isn't your jam in sayyyy the form of a maxi dress. Start with a choker.  To stay unique try velvet in a color other than black.

Tattoo Chokers

Same goes here when it comes to color. Opt for a color other than black to make up for the generalness. Also the gold choker I'm wearing is below. 

Metallic Chokers

Know how all the makeup lines are coming out with metallic lip colors... yeahh. Think gold & silver, bronze or gunmetal. 

Lace Chokers

All lace is not equal. Splurge on details. My favorite choker here is the white one. *HEART EYE EMOJI*

Fun Chokers

Fun is actually read EXTRA AS HELL because you know I love a good ridiculously unnecessarily extra accessory